Don’t Forget About Your History!

“History is written by the victors.”  – Winston Churchill

Some of our favorite projects that we work on are history walls.

“History Walls share the unique story behind an organization.
Through photographs, historical documents, maps, charts, posters, and other visual elements, we can create an illustrated timeline for your organization. History walls tell the background of an individual organization or even an industry as a whole.” (1)

Vintage photos from when a company was in its infancy are not only captivating but are a wonderful addition to any corporate art collection. Showing viewers how the organization has grown, adapted, or changed throughout times of economic prosperity and hardships brings a wonderful sense of strength and pride for clients to see and employees to work alongside.

These visual timelines can be custom-created by our Art Consultants and Graphic Designing team to express your history, mission statement, and important company cultural principles. There are many options to choose from when creating a history wall that our consultants can help you with from such as: what your wall will feature and what medium in which it should be displayed? Acrylic floating frames, painted mural, wall graphics, or printed canvas pieces? Your options are vast but we can help you bring your exact vision to life!

Please contact us today about working with you to get started on creating your company history wall!

Please see the images below of a few samples of projects that we have completed that feature history walls.