Businesses that collect art and maintain a corporate art collection can improve their corporate culture, add a new dimension to their corporate social responsibility outreach, and significantly enhance their brand image.

There are significant benefits to having a corporate art collection. However, sometimes the task of building and maintaining an art collection may not fall into the hands of an arts specialist. If that’s the case, there are ways to smartly create a collection without an art history degree.

Here are a few tips to get you started building a corporate art collection:

Have an Art Collection Strategy

A  corporate collection should operate in strict parameters since the artwork on display is reflective of the company, brand, and culture. Much like growing a company with a business strategy, it is helpful to run through the same exercise with your art collection. Developing a clear collection strategy will help determine the goals and boundaries of the collection.

To get started, walk through the following thought exercises.

  •  Assess your space and identify the areas to focus on for your art collection. Does your lobby need an oversized piece or does the conference room need some interesting texture that doesn’t distract too much?
  •  Think of the walls as well. Your office might have a two-story atrium that can accommodate a hanging sculpture or light fixture. Does the outdoor space scream for a sculpture? What about the corner, could it use a display pedestal?
  •   Understand the brand aesthetic and the goals behind a collection. Ask yourself what you want the spaces to feel like. Are you looking for works that reinforce your industry? Do you need to avoid nudity and religious iconography or is your company culture on the edge?
  •  Consider the scope of your clients and visitors. Do you service a specific area that would appreciate local artists? Do you bring in international guests who would be comfortable being reminded of your worldwide reach?

Look to outside art professionals.

A common way to build a corporate art collection is to bring in professionals.

“Meeting with an art consultant is the easiest and most effective way for a corporation to begin a collection. There’s a lot to consider both strategically and aesthetically. An experienced art consultant can walk a client through the process to ensure the collection meets desired financial and cultural outcomes.” 

Not only will an experienced corporate art consultant help you build the collection, but they will also ensure the proper installation, care, and maintenance of the pieces to protect your investment. All of which can be tracked in a cloud-based art collection management system to make your life much easier.