Art encompasses a wide variety of media and affects everyone who sees it in one way or another. Employers are starting to add artwork to their offices to increase employee efficiency and creativity while also impressing clients.

1. Art inspires and unlocks creative potential.

The inspiration that one feels upon looking at art unlocks creative potential, helping to generate innovative ideas.

2. Art helps connect with clients.

By hanging photographs in the office or waiting area, a company can make a client feel comfortable and even connect with them on an emotional level.

3. Art affects the atmosphere.

A piece of artwork can add personality to a space in or around the office, making it a  gathering place for employees during breaks. Artwork can also lead to employees feeling happy, calm, and content.

4. Art improves employee experiences.

Art can increase employee satisfaction, productivity, and well-being. One survey said that 83% of employees felt that artwork was important to the office experience.

5. Art can be used to promote your brand.

Images of your company throughout the years, for example, often evoke a slight feeling of nostalgia in viewers, as well as emphasize the longevity of your company.

At Corporate Artworks, our staff of experienced, creative art consultants will guide you in selecting an artwork program that reflects your company’s brand and culture, enhances your environment, and projects your success.

Whether it’s fine art, giclee prints, photography, or commissioning a major artist for a corporate headquarters… we’ll get the job done with your goal in mind. From budgeting and selections to delivery and installation – we’ll manage every detail.

Our process is uniquely collaborative and backed by many years of experience and repeat clients.

Contact Corporate Artworks today by phone or email, let’s discuss your needs and how we can make your art… work for you!


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