The use of wall graphics within our artwork programs for corporate environments has become one of the fastest-growing trends. A custom-created enlarged image or text can awe visitors the first time they see it. Wall graphics are versatile and can be a beautiful focal point in an area that has a lot of space or in a long narrow hallway where there may not be room for framed artwork. Wall graphics can be made in any size, from a small decal to a full mural spanning an entire wall or just sections of a wall. They are excellent for merchandising, advertising, commercial, lobby, and workspace décor, or residential use. They can be created with a low tack removable or repositionable adhesive or permanent adhesives. There are materials formulated to work on flat smooth surfaces or rough surfaces like brick and stucco or to conform to curves and odd-shaped surfaces. Wall graphics are now available in many different materials for indoor or outdoor areas including those that can withstand heavy traffic or the need to be bleached and/or sanitized. Traditional wallpaper cannot have contact with other chemicals for fear that it will discolor or become ruined.

Where can we use wall graphics in our corporate space?

Anywhere! From the wall behind the admin’s desk to the tile on an exterior wall. The possibilities are endless! They work wonders for expressing themes of corporate culture fundamentals in a workspace environment. Their playful think outside of the box capabilities can bring energy to a space that no classically framed artwork can.

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